Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

My day has started off shitty. First the parking lot I park in wouldn’t take my debit card – then it took $6 of my $9 dollars, cancelled the transaction, and didn’t give back my money.  I did not want to use that machine anymore, so I had to drive to a different lot,  pay the man, and find out that I can try calling the parking company to get my money back but they open at 8 (they think) and if I don’t have all of the info, I may have problems.

Fuck Tuesday already!

Then the first person I talk to is my sweet, but FUCKING CLUELESS QA PERSON.   Why I have been blessed with this woman the entire time at this place is beyond me.  She doesn’t understand anything – then gets mad and belittling towards me because it is clearly MY fault.   First she lectures me about something that isn’t related to me (like I can fix that one) – then starts telling me how things should go even though she is wrong.

Please, oh, universe, please – just stop right there. Please?  All of this before 7:30am – before I am adequately caffeinated – before I have even gotten through my emails overnight.

Because I know what I have left in my day:

  • My 8:30 AM verbal flogging by the executive who will do it in front of the group
  • My debate with the development manager about why she needs to give me a fucking status each Tuesday.
  • My continued discussions with the QA woman who believes somehow I am responsible for the executive decision to cut her funds and stop her from testing my area.
  • My status meeting-o-fun that will be me telling everyone why they are not on schedule as they would LOVE to believe they are.
  • And various other interactions with my idiot analysts who love to toss me under the bus by not telling me shit.
  • Fuck, maybe there will be some manager fun in there too.

This is never a fun day – can we just curb the rest of the fun?  Just stop the extra shit right now?

Because I don’t look good in prison orange – and shutting my mouth may also not be an option as I have been known to explode like a volcano if too much is held in.

And I do have a wonderful light at the end of this crazy as business day – but I’m not sure if I will be able to stay focused on that positive to get me there.  And I really want to get there – and not because Officer Friendly had to call him to bail me out.

So please give me a break.



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