Just Another Night

The kids didn’t have school today.  It’s the end of a grading cycle, so G went to grade and enter grades – and they stayed home.  And slept a lot apparently.

I came home to them in rare form.

Indigo declaring “I can’t hear you over my awesomeness.”

DJ deciding that “It can’t be any good if there is no zombie sex in it.”

Indigo coming into the kitchen to ask if Maggie has boobs.  Then when being told she did if she was pregnant with puppies, Indigo say “oh, like DJ’s” – who had a look of WTF on her face.  So Indigo said “like you Moe”.  DJ and I both reminded her that she had them too, so don’t think she’ll be excluded as an example.

DJ then decided to declare “Dishonor to you, dishonor to your cow!” I guess she’s watched Mulan recently.

From the other room, we hear Indigo trying to lure Maggie to her.  “I think she is trying to do something non-consensual to your dog” was DJ’s observation.

What, I asked.

“Non-consensual cuddling.”

Oh lord.

Yep, just a typical night at my house.

Off to stop the dog from licking the cat.  It’s how she marks that kitty as her kitty.

What do you think?

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