Cast of Characters

Cast of My Life

I hate calling this “my cast” because they aren’t a cast in my life, but people. Some seem like characters even to me, but generally speaking, they are human just like everyone.
My love since 1991 and my partner in life since 1995.  He is a good teacher, dad, and husband.
DJ and Indigo
Our girls.  DJ is the older of the two. Indigo keeps us on our toes. And both definitely add color into our lives.
Sadistic Bastard” – my former Daddy and boyfriend.  Or the one who I hold mystical powers over according to some of those who know us.  He seems to know exactly how to hurt me.  And gives me what I need in other ways.  A true Daddy in many ways.  What can I say, I kinda like him.  Who am I kidding? I love him.  And despite the fact we are no longer together, I still do.  He gave me so many things I needed – but I couldn’t give him the one thing he needed.  My heart will always ache with this loss.  My only hope is that one day we can find a place to be friends because I miss that part of us most. Funny how things can change when people talk.  Never underestimate its power, boys and girls. 🙂

The poor homeless friend who lived with us for several months. Seriously, he is part of the family, and we miss him terribly. The girls consider him the older brother they never had, and we consider him our only friend who knows about all sides of our life. He now lives in Seattle.TL
“The Lurker” got his name when a former playmate of ours shared my blog with him. He continues to lurk, is a playmate occasionally, but more importantly, he is one of my best friends. Gave me a taste of kink that definitely set me on the path.

Someone who was a good friend of mine.

Domenico’s wife – She also does amazing art – so check her out on herTumblr site. 

A former playmate who was part of lots of FMF 3some fun and introduced me to TL.

“Shy Guy” got his name after I met him at a party, and he was kinda shy. He’s not shy. A now-former playmate who is quite kinky as my memories of time together usually highlights.

Confessor X, to the rest of blogland, has been part of a couple MFM 3somes now.  Not only do we have fun out of bed, I consider him a friend.

Brad and Nick
My younger brothers.

Mark and Carrie
First couple we met when we started swinging. Taught us a lot in terms of warning signsand such.

There are other characters who show up occasionally, but these are definitely the major ones – or the interesting ones.

What do you think?

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