Humanity Lost


The other night, as I was awake thanks to the full moon energy and just the fact my mind was still running, I did what I have been often doing the last month or so. I went to see what was happening with the protests downtown via live stream. There are two guys who have committed to live streaming the events; one is a veteran who started this as an observation exercise as he wanted to get to the truth of what was happening while the other started doing it to document the process. Regardless, I usually flip between the two streams as the perspectives are interesting.

I generally hide the comments on these streams because it seems to be a pastime of people who don’t understand or agree with things to come in and usually just make an ass out of themselves. But that night, one of the guys streaming started responding to some comments – so I went to look. What jumped out at me was “I think she got hit”.

It didn’t take me long to figure out they were talking about Diaz Love. This person was live streaming a protest in Seattle before they were hit by a man who got onto the closed freeway by entering from an off-ramp, then ran over two protestors including Love.

Going over to Love’s page, I noticed right away the comments being shown from their recent live stream were all “what did she expect” and “act like a traffic cone, get run over like one” and “maybe this will reboot her head so she thinks right after this”.

Diaz Love is in the ICU in serious condition. The other person Summer Taylor died last night.

And the comments – many from the “All Lives Matter” crowd – were all indications that their lives don’t matter. Not even a little. Hell, some went to Diaz Love’s page as early as this morning to say that. Going onto Summer’s profile, similar comments were being made to a person who just died and a family who just lost them.

State patrol blamed the victims immediately. The mayor of Seattle followed suit y saying “no protesters should be out there taking risks that could cost them their lives”. Oh the fucking irony of that statement on a day celebrating US Independence from the British. Independence which started with protesters risking their lives to seize property that was not their property and destroying it in defiance of the Tea Tax. But please, tell me again how protesters shouldn’t risk their lives for a cause.

I have decided humanity is lost. Lives do not matter. Facts are optional – and fuck, so is the Constitution – only mattering if, and only if, they support the person’s direct beliefs. It is all fake news.

Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep….

John Milton, Paradise Lost

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