“I Don’t Know” Isn’t A Bad Thing

One of the chapters in the book “Think Like a Freak” talks about the 3  hardest words to say, in the English language: “I don’t know.” And they talk about how it gets worse the more educated a person gets.  One study had something like 96% of the respondents with post-graduate degrees who thought they…

Beer Is Good

May I just start out by saying simply this: FUCK THIS WEEK. I swear to whatever the fucking deity you choose; this has been a week from hell. If you consider my training as part of it, I put in a 50+ hour work week which would have been longer had last night not happened….


15hrs today. 5 hours yesterday thanks to the train ride from hell. And during today, I had 3 issues from the office escalated to me while in a training.  The last time, I called my boss to tell him what needed to be done. “So what do you want from me?” His question dumbfounded me….

A Window In A Door

“Why is there a door on the lactation room that has a large glass window in it?” This is what my cohort, who I will refer to as Leif given his Scandinavian background, asked after he walked by the newly created lactation room. The company has a number of new moms working here right now,…

What Were Those Again?

It’s almost as if she could have also added “vows to which God?” I have too many balls in the air today. (insert your own balls joke here especially after my blog post the other day) Because I have too many balls in the air, I thought it would be a good time to blog….

A Rant and A Story

What parent names their kid "Reality Winner"? Seriously. I open up my news feed this morning to see what is happening in the world and see a photograph of a blonde woman next to a headline of "Who is Reality Winner?" And honestly, I thought "Why is a reality winner the ‘top story’ in the…

Sleep Deprivation And Sunday

Hi. I am working on about 5 hours of sleep or so. I am also not sure how I am still awake. But I am. I am reading a book for my class called “Don’t Think Like I Scientist” which is written by a scientist-turned-film-maker.  Basically, the gist of the story is “scientists are horrible…