Friday Feelz

Hmmmm…..what do I feel?…..

Excited – because tomorrow, I get to go with SB to cheer on the Portland Thorns in the championship game. They one the championship last year, so this is their chance to make it 2 in a row, and 3 championships in total. It will be a good game. The team they are playing has been hard to beat this year having only had one loss this entire season. But, they are in our house this year – and the Thorns players want it bad.

Fed-Up – because this week has been a week o’ fuckery at work, and I’m getting pretty fed up with this bullshit. I know that one way or another this bullshit will end. The leader who is allowing it to seep back in would like to retire – so they are hiring someone new. I doubt they will find someone who will continue on with his tolerance of fuckery. I just have to figure out how to navigate it until the person is hired (which will hopefully be me – bwahahaha!)

Heartbroken – because each time I learn more about my foster kid, it breaks my heart a bit more that a kid has had to go through the shit he has gone through. The fact I am having to teach a kid to trust – to not apologize so much because 90% of his apologies are unneeded – to believe someone will take care of his needs without any strings or expectations attached to it.

Relieved – because my dad’s surgery seems to have fixed things in a way much bigger than even he or his surgeon expected. I guess the surgeon commented to him afterwards that his insistence was the right thing – not just because it fit his desired outcome sooner, but the issue was much bigger than it looked on x-rays and CT scans. As a result, it would not have fixed itself – it would have required surgery regardless of time. He was in the hospital for about 24 hours in total, and is resting well now.

Oh, did I mention I’m excited for tomorrow’s game??!

What do you think?

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