After weeks of planning, I had a shoot today. 2 hours. 7 men. Hopefully lots of great photos.

I started my weekend with a new purchase.  My company bonus came through expectedly, so I indulged in purchasing a new iMac with a 5K screen.  My laptop has been overloaded with photos and can barely keep up.  I was waffling about getting an iMac, but G nudged me to get it.  Add a few drinks and I bought one.

It is beautiful.

I have yet to truly enjoy the screen quality as I am in the process of moving files.  Over 350GB of photo files and that doesn’t include what I have already moved off of it.  Crazy.

Anyway, I got done shooting the guys and decided to stop at the store on the way home.  We needed something for dinner.  We got this and that, and I told G I would go over to a section to get something for the kids who were eating dinner later.  He found me standing there staring at the selection.  “I don’t even know what I’m looking at anymore”, I told him.  The weight of all that happened in the past two hours hit me like a ton of bricks – and it was like my mind and body said, “you are done”.  And I was.

We got home, and I sat down to edit the photos I had left from last weekend’s kinky party shoot.  The guys from today’s shoot asked when I would have them done for them to see, and I admitted that I cannot play with my own shots until I am done with the “paid” gig.  While he got dinner ready, I edited and erased bystanders from last weekend’s party.   Then I ate, and excused myself to go finish moving photos and such.  I wanted to get the new computer ready for my photo shoot.  So here I am.

Waiting for shit to copy.

And trying to embrace the feeling that I have spent all I had today.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but damn – it took more energy than I realized.

I only hope that all the energy has produced good shots. I think it has, but, well, you never know until you get them off the camera.

What do you think?

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