Oh What A Day So Far….

​This photo summarizes my day so far. See that "check engine" light? That was what was on this morning. The traction control light? Yep, that was on too. As was that green cruise light.

I didn’t even get half a block when I parked it and grabbed a different car. Guess having four cars and 3 drivers has an upside.

Quick google search revealed my car is in "Limp Mode".

No morning wood for it, I guess.

It needs to go to the dealer. I figured I would work until lunch, then go arrange for the tow. Got into work later than I like to find my boss in crisis mode. The man usually shows up at 10 am, but had a meeting this morning where he needed all of this info. Wish he would have told me yesterday so I could have gotten it for him.

So I’m already frustrated with my morning as I have visions of huge car bills I really don’t have time for right now. Then come in to a boss who is doing rapid fire Q&A through IM which is making me feel like a shitty employee as all he is asking me for is something that had been on my to-do list but I couldn’t get to it yet as other things have been more pressing.

Yep, the first 3 hours of my morning have been wonderful, thanks for asking.

This is after a night I slept like crap too. I was exhausted after a shitty run and a long day, so I went to bed early. It felt good. Until I woke up at 11 pm, then at 1 pm, then at 2:30 pm, then at 4 pm, then at……you get the idea.

G asked me what the issue was, and I honestly couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t even multiple issues. I best summarized it as "something in my world isn’t right – it’s off with someone I care about…..as weird as that may sound – it was what I kept feeling each time I was awake."

I’m trying hard not to let all of these things ruin my day, but damn is it hard.

What doesn’t help is the fact in addition to my own shit – I have my team coming to me every 10 minutes with something new. I keep reminding myself that is good. Means they trust me and see me as their leader now. But damn, I need them to be able to deal today as my form of handling it will be swift and decisive and without any sugar coating which is sadly needed with this crew right now.

Maybe more coffee will help.

….I picked a bad day to leave home without a flask.

What do you think?

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