A Fast Ride

My boss took me by surprise yesterday.

He texted me that our meeting was going to be at the coffee shop. "Come out front, I’ll drive."

To say I lust over his car would be an understatement.

It IS the version of my car that I wished they had made when I got mine. WRX STI – all the bells and whistles that I miss from my WRX (that I had in my Outback) and stickier clutch and stiffer suspension.

It is even the color I really REALLY wanted, but no one had in the Pacific NW.

And the new body style?


"Have you ridden in my car"" he asked as I got inside.

I had.

"This was the car I would have bought had it been out when I got mine," I commented.

When he asked why I didn’t get one at the time, I told him I wasn’t impressed.

"Oh you weren’t, were you," he said with a chuckle –

Then slammed on the gas, accelerating us through four of its five gears in about a block and a half – and didn’t take his foot off the gas as the road hit a curve.

"OK! OK!" I exclaimed, "I am impressed with your car."

He laughed at me.

"What weren’t you impressed by it when you got yours?" he asked.

I explained that I got mine when they were on the verge of the redesign. To go from my Outback to any WRX meant giving up features. Sure it may go like a bat out of hell, but how can I justify spending more when I’d be giving up things I’ve come to appreciate out of a car 10 years older than the one I was buying.

"Plus," I added, "the engine in mine and the way it handles are both enough to help me get a ticket as it is – I don’t need the extra help."

He laughed again as he commented he has not gotten a ticket, yet – but like me feels it is only a matter of when it happens, not if.

We took the longer way to the coffee shop – through curves that could be taken at high speeds – so he could continue to rub it in how great his car is. He told me about the upgrades he did to get a bit more speed out of it. We talked about the differences between the his clutch and mine – and ours versus others. He admitted his wife hasn’t driven it yet – and he’s not sure if she even wants to.

I laughed.

"Fuck, I would be stealing it anytime I could if I were her! Kids be damned!"

He commented she would have a hard time driving it given how much room you have between gears. I realized yesterday how I was going to wreck G’s car if I didn’t stop driving it like my own because his car doesn’t have that room. Between that and the non-sticky clutch, driving his car felt sloppy. Then I told him about the one time I let DJ drive my car, and when it took off as quickly as it did, how it scared her to the point where she pulled over and said "no". He laughed.

We arrived to the coffee shop, had our meeting, then drove back.

I think he was trying to scare me – but all he did was make me want to beg him to let me drive. If it was that thrilling as the passenger, I knew it would be even better behind the wheel. Hell, I would love to drive his car on a long windy road to the coast or through a mountain pass. It would be quite a ride.

To go back into the office to finish having our meeting was hard. I felt like I needed a cold shower and a drink after that ride. Not exactly the mental place to be when you’re trying to have a serious meeting with you boss about work related things.

I realized after talking work with my boss at the coffee shop that we had both had a shitty morning and afternoon. He needed the outlet of that drive – and fuck, apparently I needed that ride too. I guess it worked out for both of us.

(Because the car is features in this trailer and it honestly doesn’t look too bad – I must leave you with the trailer!)


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