Anyone Seen My Lung?


“You were coughing up a lung last night” was G’s observation to me this morning.

Why yes, yes I was.

After the cough meds made me have crazy ass dreams and a racing heart, I said “fuck it” and skipped them last night.  I mean, while I wasn’t coughing as much, I was still awake instead dealing with the side effects of the medication that was supposed to help me sleep.  Not sure it was a good choice.  Guess I’ll need to go the hot toddie route tonight – and get some whiskey for it.  I don’t know – I just want to fucking sleep and get over this crud.

In more exciting news, I got my official notification yesterday that I have had a photograph accepted into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (aka SEAF).  Of the three I submitted, this was the one I loved the most. I took it as I was setting up the rest of the scene to shoot – and just loved how it captured the moment well.  Erotic but not “in your face” erotic.  Because of how I felt when I submitted it, I knew this was going to be the one chosen just like I did a few years ago when my photo was selected too.  My gut is always right – I need to remember that.

I have been keeping an active log of my shows and all as when you submit to shows you usually have to include an artist resume.  It’s nice updating it yesterday and seeing that in the last 2 years, I have been in 4 shows.  I feel like the universe wants me to keep doing this because in the span of 2 weeks, I found the professional photo printer I had been looking for as well as a professional paper cutter (a friend connected me with someone who was getting rid of their extra they had used in their framing business).  Nothing like having a lot of stuff come together at once like it was all supposed to happen.

As one friend who had helped me get to this state commented, “YOU NEED TO SHOW MORE OF YOUR WORK”.  Yeah, he said it pretty much like that.  Another friend was like “Good lord, woman! You take amazing photos – you have great, fun ideas – you need to do more of that stuff.”

Photography feeds my spirit.  I’m realizing as I project manage day in and day out that while I’m good at this stuff – and I used to love it – it’s not my passion anymore.  I guess this is something I need to explore.  I guess this is something the universe is saying I need to explore as it keeps clearing away obstacles for it.  Glad I’m listening.

We continue to make strides forward in buying a rental property.

Can I just pause for a moment and say how weird it is that I just typed that sentence??  I have family members that cannot buy one house or afford to keep the house they have bought – and I’m off buying a condo. So strange sometimes.

I’m hoping that the seller can get his/her shit together and turn this from a short-sale into a regular sale.  We heard it is their desire – I just hope they can pull it together so we can close in a couple of weeks.  This hurry-up-and-wait crap is for the birds.

Yesterday someone on my Twitter feed posted the link to this article – another friend read it and found hope when reading through the comments.  I guess I loved this article because it is truly how I feel – yet, there are so many who are on team “I don’t pick sides”.  Fuck that shit.  Saying that – reminding people of it – well, you’ve picked a side by doing it.  In the world of everyone not wanting to pick sides – by choosing to be neutral, people are feeding the thing they say they hate.  Funny how that works, huh?

DJ’s birthday party plans are shaping up nicely.  Most of her friends can attend – the one unable to has a school commitment which is fine.  She’s excited – people are excited.  I’m glad we got this worked out.

I miss SB.  Spending 5 days with him was wonderful. G has often commented that he wants a large piece of land so that everyone we care about can live on it – each with their own place – just everyone together so we don’t have to miss people. My feelings about this idea have definitely changed over the years as it sounds perfect to me now.

Ok – I guess I should actually get some work done.  Yay status report day.

This is a day when I need to have a flask with something to add to my coffee.

I think today this represents my mood well…

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