Wednesday Wanderings with Images

Maggie when you catch her after hearing a huge crash in the kitchen. The other dog? He hides.  Dogs are funny that way.

This is what Indigo would do – in a second – without thinking.  My child? Yep.  This is when G says “you get to take that phone call from the teacher – not me.”  Though, G did do something as teacher yesterday that received grand applause from parents everywhere.  He graded a note he confiscated after correcting it.  He posted a copy of it on Facebook.  He did actually return it to the student who was so freaked out that she simply shoved it into pocket without looking at it. I’m sure she was surprised later.

There are some people that even bluntly telling them where to go does not mean they get the meeting. I often wonder what language they speak so they can communicate my true feelings to them effectively.  Work people specifically.  Yes, SB, it’s time for me to start looking for another job. 🙂

Though, maybe I need this jar for my life –

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