Crawling Into The Cave

Fuck it, I’ll take no internet access please.

I was having a great half of the day -then the afternoon happened.

And I had back to back to back meetings.  One involved basically me recreating for the 100th a status report – for someone else who apparently cannot use one of the 100 I already create.  Ok – yes, I’ll be honest – I create 5 unique status report with the same status each week.  Yes – 5 distinct status reports with the same data.  And the problem is that depending on who hears when or sees when, they get freaked out – wig out – and I get to talk them off the ledge for days later.  I’m kinda done with it, so that meeting I argued.

Another meeting was me pointing out the obvious to those who are in denial – for an hour.

Then I got to get an earful from some who both wants to do more for me but doesn’t because she has been told not to do it.  Ugh. Nothing like getting yelled at via skype for that.

Then I got an earful from a “friend” who is out to get support for her dumbass husband who did a major political fuck-up.  The end result? More drama.  She thinks his shit doesn’t stink.  But I was there – I saw it all go down – and to be honest, I would have asked the fucker to leave had he talked to me like that.  Yet, he’s in the right?  Uhm no.

I stayed an hour longer than I normally would dealing with bullshit.

To come home and deal with a puppy who has decided to be the terrible twos.

And an elderly cat who if isn’t vomiting all over everything is unable to control his bladder.

So I am done.

I’m going to crawl into my cave – and sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.  I need a better day – a consistent day.

One can hope, yes?

What do you think?

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