Anything Can Happen Thursday

Otherwise known as – “Emmy doesn’t have a single thing to write about so she is going to use the great bullet point method”

  • After getting the final Sookie Stackhouse book on my kindle Tuesday (yay pre-order on Amazon), I came home from work and stayed up until almost 1am reading it.  Yes, I read the whole thing.  My impressions: not a huge surprise – and things were wrapped up neatly.  While I appreciated that we got a glimpse at everyone in her universe (or what felt like everyone), I found it unnecessary for me.  Was it my favorite book? Nah. Was it what it needed to be? Yep.  I do have to laugh at the people all up in arms over how things turned out.  Why? Because I have seen Charlaine Harris twice – in person – and each time she made the same things abundantly clear about the characters in question.  I guess, I listened better than most & believed her.  Shrug.  I guess I found it ended as it needed to end – exactly as it needed to end.  So, if you read the book and are angry – stop making death threats to the author. Seriously.  (and yes, they are making death threats)
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  • My boss continues to kiss my butt in support for untangling the mess he and the team created in my two day absence last Friday and this Monday.  The look of relief on his face each day he finds me standing here at my desk working is priceless.  I knew I was leaving him a few balls in the air to juggle, but I think he realized that they aren’t going to juggle themselves – you have to make sure they are going – actively.  Funny how his attitude has shifted to us being partners vs me being just another minion.  Inline image 3
  • Oh and while I could bitch and moan all day about how idiotic my team is – I must clarify one thing – my developer is a superstar!  She is the only reason right now that we are not further behind than we are.  
  • I am going to finish planting my garden this weekend.  I’m excited. Digging in the dirt is good for the soul.
  • My cat has taken to laying on me while I sleep.  It’s not like I sleep on my stomach or on my back – nope – I sleep on my side.  So she sleeps on my hip.  Or on my rib cage.  It can’t be comfortable for her.  I know it’s weird to wake up to realize I have a cat perched on top of me.  I suspect she is doing it because it’s warm.  While she doesn’t show signs of arthritis, she is starting to act like an old cat.  Sigh. We have a geriatric pet house right now.  
  • Do I have to work today?  The upside: I have no meetings today.  Ahhh….such a nice feeling. Yesterday was meetings solid all day.  Inline image 1
  • And I leave you with this to ponder:
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How confident do you feel today? 
Happy Thursday! 

What do you think?

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