Friday I saw an update on Facebook from my dad “Wife is back at the hospital – hope they get it sorted out this time.”

From the way it was posted, I could tell he had posted it from his cell phone.  Seeing that he was now using his cell phone, not to call, but to post a Facebook update, I was annoyed.  I thought I had taken care of this issue while I was down there a few weeks ago.  I cornered both parents and expressed my annoyance at their lack of communication when she has been in the hospital.  I told my dad that it was his conscious he was going to have to live with if something happened to Mom and he never gave me a chance to see her because “there was nothing to tell”.  This stopped him in his tracks.

Seeing the Facebook update pissed me off.

I talked to my brother today.  He told me how he didn’t find out about Mom until he saw the Facebook update after work.  He called and yelled at both of them for not calling. Dad’s comment was “I was playing with the phone – all was fine.”

Turns out the other brother never got a call either.  And he flipped out after seeing the Facebook update after he got home from work.

“Can you believe they didn’t call us??” he asked frustrated.

“Yeah, because I have been left out of the loop most of the time over the past few months where mom is concerned.  Can I believe it? I can.  Does it piss me off? Yes.”

There was silence on the phone. I could hear my niece in the background talking to my SIL.

“I’ll make sure you get called next time because not being in the loop sucks ass.”

I thanked him for doing that.

It’s quite ironic that it took both of them experiencing the lack of communication during a health crisis for them to finally “get it.”

Let’s hope they truly did get it.

Or if they don’t, let’s hope nothing happens to my mom as they will have to live with the fact they didn’t call.  And I will spend a lot of time making sure they remember what they did.

What do you think?

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