Motivational Monday

I like that – kindsight. Not questioning the thinking that got you into the situation, but instead focusing on what you learned from it.  Sometimes it is the outcome the deters your actions in the future. Learn from the outcome instead of beating yourself up fro the stupid thinking that lead to it.  

I am a firm believer of this one.  People who are caught in a cycle of actions are often encouraged to stay there because everyone treats them as though their actions are the only thing that defines them.  This prevents them from breaking the cycle.  Treat people as though they are capable of becoming what they are trying to become.  Treating them like a fuck up instead of a capable person, for example, just keeps them in that mindset.  Don’t contribute to it.

This reminds me of my friend TL and something he said to me once.  Don’t alway listen to the words – also look at the person . Think about how good they are – how they come from a good place.  People make mistakes, but if the rest of the stuff is always good – you have to give the person a chance to be human and make those occasional mistakes.  It’s how life works.

Happy Monday!

What do you think?

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