Wednesday Weird Ramblings

DJ, the other day, asked me what was the deal with “red rum”.  I explained it to her as best as I could. I recall seeing the movie repeatedly when I was her age. I loved The Shining. This is what happens when you have a mom who loves horror movies. Now, as an adult, I’m not a fan. But hey, things like this always bring back the memories:

Garbanzo’s cat has been driving me fucking batty. He’s decided to take a new tact for getting me out of his bed with his lover, I mean, owner.  (He’s gay for my husband….it’s true.) I have now banned him from the bedroom. This is exactly what he thinks though….I am convinced of it. Because at night, he walks on me putting every 15lbs into each step. I swear I wake up with bruises.  Well, not anymore…..not since I started throwing the cat at Garbanzo. Yeah, I’m that kind of wife.

We have entered BBQ season where we are having a lot of people over. This means I have to remind my husband, the vegetarian, to cook food for himself too.  Yes, sounds like a weird thing to have to remind, but a necessary one as he gets wrapped up in grilling meat for others.  I did like this though….made me think of my husband.

I’m kind of really giving you insight into my relationship with my husband. Maybe I should move on.

Indigo has an explanation for her need to ask zillions of questions. She has to question everything. Our little attorney in training.  But her teacher, who is good at using the International Baccalaureate lingo explains it away as her being curious. It’s the truth in some respects. In others, she is merely looking for the loophole. I know because when she finds it, she is all over it.  I love her. I said when she was a good, calm baby that I would get mine from her later in life. I think my prediction is true.

Oh, and DJ is also obsessed with these in addition to chickens:

DJ has also decided she wants a curly mustache.  And you have to pronounce as mus-taosh. The prim and proper way of pronouncing it. I asked her why – and she has no explanation. I’ve decided she needs this then:

I love Etsy.

Oh and I did find out that my knee pain was not actually my knee. I officially have IT Band Syndrome. Yes, a syndrome. We are trying to figure out what exactly I did to aggravate it since I have run these distances before without issue.  I don’t care what I did. I’m more focused on how we fix it.  I have stretches. I have a “Magic Stick” which I will be using a lot to work out the issues:

I’m going to also go and give my right arm for a new pair of running shoes. The kind I buy for my feet are not cheap. In reading about this injury, it has been suggested footwear can help/hurt too. I guess we’ll see how quickly I can recover. Session 2 Training starts in two weeks.

Summer has begun here in Oregon. We went from maybe 70 degrees – maybe – to 90+ the rest of the week and maybe into the weekend. You won’t hear me complaining. I am someone who has been sleeping under a comforter for the past few weeks – and not because I made my bedroom extra cold but because it IS cold at night. I’m looking forward to turning on the fans and such. I know, I’m weird.

The rest of this week is going to be interesting. Tonight, we are having dinner with a couple we met through swinger friends. They are swingers too, and we have hit it off. It’s funny though because we have never talked about playing or anything. They are a fun couple; I just think we are both kind of figuring things out given how we met in a fairly vanilla setting and all.  Thursday night, we see some more swinger friends – ones I don’t write about.  No playing because I discovered during my overnight with SG that a hurt leg ends up with a lot of boundaries that normally don’t exist. Nothing we can’t work around, but we don’t play much so it’s a little less seamless like it is with SG. Then Friday night, it sounds like there will be an overnight play date for hubby with SG’s wife.  Woo hoo! I joked that SG and I are probably more excited at the fact they are getting to play than they are. No one can claim we aren’t supportive.

And finally I will leave you with this thought:

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  1. Osbasso says:

    Damn, you write a lot in one sitting. Sorta like someone else I know…

  2. Nothing wrong with writing in stream of conscious style. That’s how I do my posts. 😉

  3. Hubman says:

    I’m still amused/confused by Garbonzo being a vegetarian yet perfectly happy to grill meat for others.

    And I’m glad that you know what’s up with your leg, so know you can (hopefully) do something about it!

  4. Beryl says:

    I’m with Hubman…that cracked me up and it’s kinda endearing, too.

    Hey have you considered the Newton brand of running shoes? I tried some on recently and am in lust with them. Also there is a technique some non-allopathic docs use called Active Release. My chiro worked with the US Olympic tracks teams in Athens and Atlanta and it might help you. HTH


  5. Advizor says:

    I loved and have stolen the cow picture and will be sending it to several vegetarians within the hour. I laughed and laughed and laughed. And yes, Narwhals are cool.

  6. I love the cow poster, that cracks me up. And don’t you feel slightly better knowing exactly what is wrong with you?

  7. Vixen says:

    Hubman hasn’t met many vegetarians 😉

    As a fellow vegetarian I found total humor in that one cow sign. Hahaha! That’s too funny….. I have no problem cooking meat for other people, or issues with them eating it. I just personally don’t want to eat it *myself*.

    Love this stream of rambling. 🙂

  8. nitebyrd says:

    That cow poster is too funny! And the cat one is so true!

    Now that you know what’s wrong at least you can take care of it, that has to ease your mind.

  9. Ms Scarlett says:

    Oh man, that Shining pic made me giggle like a madwoman….

    I’m glad you’ve got some answers on what’s going on with your knee. I think I might have a bit of that going on – though most of my pain is up in the hip/thigh area. What is that Magic Stick? I’d love to hunt for one up here!

    Totally love that last quote. Words to live by.

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