Day 24 – Graffiti

The intricacy of some graffiti amazes me. I mean, this was done with spray paint.
I just wish they would do their art without creating a nuisance for the property owner.

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  1. Dana says:

    Cam loves this style of art, and is quite good at it. I’m trying to come up with POSITIVE ways to encourage the expression without it being vandalism. I’ve decided that – when the weather warms up – I’ll buy a large sheet of plywood and let him “tag” away. I’ll then hang the plywood piece as a headboard in his room!

  2. The graffiti itself is good work, but they should find somewhere else to do it on.

  3. Secretia says:

    That shoes irresponsible, but real talent.


  4. Ms Scarlett says:

    I so agree. Some of it’s amazing, but I also wish they could express themselves without destroying something that isn’t theirs.

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