Wind, Headache & Failed Photo Trip

I heard his alarm go off and opened my eyes to see how early it was because it felt early.  It was still dark outside, the sun maybe just starting to crack the horizon.  I closed my eyes again and wondered why he was getting up so early.  I mean, I knew he was going…

Photos: Rocky Butte

….not to be confused with Rocky Butt. Rocky Butte The Path Mt Hood Mt St Helens Mt Hood

Photo: Smoke

There may be a great fire in our hearts, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke. ~Vincent Van Gogh Columbia River Gorge – Smoke from Eagle Creek Fire

Photos: Last Sunday

Last Sunday, I drove to a place that I’ve been photographing all spring and early summer. I was looking forward to all of the standing water, the reflections, the sun, the green, and the cows.  What I found was meadow where there were ponds.  To look back at photos from a month ago even, I…

Photos: Bad Bird and Photo Day

After feeling uninspired to shoot photos lately, I woke up this morning needing to go shoot something.  I blame the energy boost followed by the good sleep that I got after seeing SB last night.  I took a risk and went out to a bird sanctuary outside of town.  And found…..pretty much no birds. Ok,…

Photos: Ents?

A couple weeks ago, I saw a post highlighting a hidden Scottish park that is open to the public and few know about.  The park overlooks the Willamette River and has a gorgeous view of Mt Hood, the article said.  They talked about all of the paths you can wander.  It is 13-acres in total….

Random Recent Photos

I’ve got no words, but I do have photos.  Back in college, I put up a series of paintings for critique as was the process each Monday morning.  The art professor looked at them all – and asked me what was wrong – why did I want people to leave me alone?  I stood there…

An Extra Crispy Weekend

Because I knew the weather was going to be hot on Saturday, I bought a brand new bottle of sunscreen spray to take with me.  I knew I was going to have to find a beach Saturday in order to be cool even though the place I was staying was right on the water. Before…

Photos: Twilight Adventure

An idea for photos – a man who was game to join me = some great photos and great conversations and a longing for a trip. Yeah, tonight was a good night. A very good night. God, I missed him. \