A Glimpse into Our Relationship

“I don’t think I’m going to get that lens,” I announced the other night while researching lenses.

“Why not? I told you if you got the job, you got the lens. Buy it.”

“The good version of the lens is too expensive. So, I’m looking at others. I’m in information overload.”

“Which lens is it again?” Garbanzo was on his laptop doing work while sitting on the couch.

I told him which one. He is the king of finding the deals. I wasn’t having luck – but maybe he would.

“What about this lens? I just sent you the link.”

“It’s okay, but not what I’m looking for. But that price is totally right. Oh, my other zoom is about as good as that one.”

“Oh, well, I’ll see what I can find.”

Fast forward a couple days. Garbanzo and I are chatting while he had a break at school.

“I think I’m going to get this fish-eye lens instead.”


“What’s with the ummmm??”

“welll…..the other lens should be here in a day or two”

“Which lens?”

He sends me the link.

“You got me THAT one?! Holy fuck!! I was going to buy the cheaper version of that lens.”

“Hey. I promised you a lens when you got a job Just trying to be honest and follow through. Plus you wouldn’t have bought it yourself – I know you. So I bought it the other night while you were researching it.”

“Holy fuck!!”

“Is that okay?”

“It is way too expensive.”

“I bought it used – it’s yours. Plus, I knew you wouldn’t buy it.”

“God, you know me too well.”

“Yes. Yes, I do. Is that okay?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You can give me my thank-you blow job later.”

Yes, this is how things work in our house. I mention that I’m thinking about buying something. Garbanzo gets sick of hearing me “think about it” and just buys it for me. Meanwhile Garbanzo decides to buy something, buys it, then tells me when I ask what has just arrived.  It’s all about balance.

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  1. Secretia says:

    Give and take, that’s a good system, plus it’s nice when you actually want to give! Like he does.


  2. Great arrangement you have! Enjoy the new lens.

  3. Kallie Grace says:

    I do hate how expensive lens are! I have a couple for my camera and want SO many more but they are just too much. Can’t wait to see how it works out for you!

    (And he’s right you deserve it getting that job is great!)

  4. frances says:

    i love the ‘thank you blowjob’ bit. hysterical. and TOTALLY worth the trade for getting something you really wanted. though…if i know you a little bit, i’d have to say the blowjob wasn’t exactly something that was going to ‘put you out’ so to speak. lol. Can’t wait to see pics with your new attachment! what a sweet husband you have…

  5. So what lens is it?

    What a great hubby you have 🙂

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    Lucky you!!! (and him later….)

    Looking forward to seeing the results of work with this new lens!

  7. Hubman says:

    Yeah, what lens is it? Your fellow camera geeks want to know!

    So does Garbonzo have to wait for the lens to arrive for the thank you blowjob? Maybe he can put the lens to good use and take pictures of you in action 😉

  8. Maggie says:

    I feel like I’ve had many very similar conversations with the teacher. 🙂 Especially the thank you blowjob, he’s always angling for those!

    It’s nice that your relationship is like this, it’s good to have someone to make sure you get what you have earned.

  9. Just me... says:

    You two are a prime example of a great realtionship.. None are ever perfect. But yours IS close!! 🙂

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