A Queenly Moment


My youngest – Indigo – was installed at the honored queen of her teenage social group today.

And in one moment today, during the actual ceremony, I almost cried.

My daughter was where she needed to be – the outgoing queen was bestowing the cap and the crown to her as well as words of ceremony.

The outgoing queen has some learning issues.  She spent an extra year trying to graduate high school.  During the practice sessions, she fumbled. She forgot.  And everyone tried to help.  They really did.  Everyone reminded her that if she got stuck, one of the older girls (near her during the ceremony) would help her.  She just had to look to them for help.

She spent a long time between practice and the ceremony sitting alone trying hard to memorize her lines – memories the ceremony.

When the time came, she remembered a chunk of it, then blanked.

She stood there, silent, in front of everyone, eyes closed, and trying hard to remember the words.  The two older girls stood there willing her to open her eyes – looking at each other with questions of what could they do – and everyone in the room ached for her.

The outgoing queen finally broke into tears.

And my daughter – the queen being installed – looked at her with love in her eyes and said “kneel and continue – it’s ok – really, it’s ok.”  Music was playing at this point, a reprieve for her.  And she kneeled there starting to sob – and my kid consoled her.  She held her hands – stroked them – spoke quietly to her.

And many of us cried for the outgoing queen – but also because, in that moment, the love between sisters was so strong that the failure didn’t matter – only the sisterhood.

After that portion was done, they walked to the front, arm-in-arm — then hugged and laughed.

My daughter – 4 years younger than the outgoing queen – proved most queenly in that moment.  She quietly came to her rescue – she made it OK that it happened – no embarrassment – no nothing.  And even after the ceremony, many commented the same as I observed – while the adults looked on helplessly, Indigo handled it.  She handled it with grace, humor, and love.

She handled it in the way the adults could not.

And I was proud.

I was proud because I looked at many of the other girls in the room only to realize that only Indigo would have handled it right.  The rest would have made it worse.

She is queen……she deserves that title.  She proved that title today.

And I was proud.

Very proud.

It almost made the entire crazy ass day worth it.

What made it worth it?  The crazy good Chinese noodle dinner we had after – and dumplings.  OMG – good and fast and worth it.

What can I say – I’m easy.

What do you think?

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