Home Again, Home Again

As the title implies, we are home.  Home from the crazy ass trip with the four generations of family on G’s side.  Home after the roller coaster ride that only that family seems to be able to bring – and where no amount of screaming is going to make the twists and turns any better or easier to handle.  Home after thawing out – leaving the cold and ice for the warm and sun.


Downloading photos that I took from the trip, I am filled with that roller coaster of emotions once again.  It was almost too soon to even look at them.  Yeah, it was that insane of a trip in many ways.

Add that into the fact that I’m hating this time of the year – too many memories – too many emotions – too much to handle.  I guess I don’t which is worse – being there or being here.

I’d write more but I don’t feel it.  Actually I feel like word vomiting all over the page and dumping what’s in my head onto it, just so it gets out of my head.  An attempt to relieve the pressure, I guess.

But I won’t.  I’m sure there will be posts forthcoming with photos of the wonderful weather and things we did have a chance to explore.  But until then, I’m in recovery mode – trying to find aftercare post-trip.  Cause boy do I need it.

What do you think?

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