What Would Freud Say

There are plenty of things people do that make me wonder “WTF?”.  This week has been filled with those wonderful moments as we get read to hit a HUGE milestone at this location – we are going to bring the US onto the software we wrote.

This process is quite the study in human behavior.

For example, when I’m stressed, I get laser focused on what needs to get done.  From there, I can toss the bullshit overboard easily because it isn’t helping me get to the end goal. So, I make quick decisions – I keep people on target, I know how to communicate out. I know what to worry about and what not to worry about.  And I have no time for wishy-washy cohorts.  It’s time to work together to get shit done, not drag feet.  Doing the latter will just make things painful, and it is already painful enough without that crap.

The person trying to herd the largest group of cats is a panicker.  She gets short. She gets bitchy. She stops listening. She argues about everything. She tries to die on every hill.  She is easily frustrated.  In the end, she will keep her nose to the grindstone until it’s done.  I applaud her perseverance yet wish she could figure out how to be a better one at managing her own stress.

One of the department heads gets even more wishy-washy and philosophical than usual.  He doesn’t want to make a decision. He would rather call it off than push people to get their shit done.  And he drones on and on and on to the point where you want to push him out a window.

A cohort on the support team gets angry.  He gets pissed that people are being stupid. He gets combative when he doesn’t think people are doing what he thinks they should do. He gets short with people, but the problem is he is inexperienced compared to others so it doesn’t work well for him.  And while I applaud his directness during stress, it is laced with pissy which doesn’t work.

Then there is teflon girl.  Nothing will stick to her. Nothing is her fault, but others. Nothing can be done because it’s impossible to commit.  She bobs and weaves like the most talented boxers. And she throws blame so quickly that you’d think she was playing tennis.  As stress increases, she does it more and more.  No action items for that lady.

Some people do whatever it takes for everyone to be successful.

Others sneak out and pretend they are working at home.

It is no wonder, as I sit her watching the crazy bus I am on, that  we are in the position we are given how people react to stress.

As I commented to one of my cohorts today – someone who reacts like I do – I have two reasons to want this to be successful.  The first is my desire to cross of this from the list.  The second is because as an employee, this is a HUGE win and benefit to the country.

I only wish people had the right perspective on this so we could be successful. All I know is that this upcoming month is going to suck ass.

What do you think?

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