Day 111 – It Begins

The wisteria is starting round 1 of its annual explosion.  More pictures will be taken as it happens.

If you go back to the pictures from last Saturday & Sunday, you see the size of it.  It covers that area at that top of the driveway….the whole thing.  When it blooms, it will be spectacular.  And the smell is amazing.  This is one of the ways I know spring is here and summer is around the corner.

The wisteria was given to me the Mother’s Day after DJ was born.  Nine years later, the wisteria is definitely happy where it lives.  While most will bloom once, mine has been known to bloom 2-3 times during the spring and summer.  During the summer, we dine under it.  No wonder why I think of summer when I see it bloom.

What do you think?

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