What’s Been Missing

I’ve missed my smile.

What a funny comment, huh?

But I realized a few weeks ago that I haven’t had that too much. No reason really.  Just too much in my head.  Just too many frustrations.

I found it again.

It’s funny because last week, a fortune cookie I got said “you will find something you lost”.  It was during a time when I was trying to sort myself out.  I was dreaming things. I was thinking. I was writing.  I was dumping on those closest to me.  And so many things in the universe were pointing to the fact I was going to find what I lost.

And I feel like I did.

I’m being more me than I have in a while.

I missed me.

I missed laughing while I was at work because of message exchanges I am having.

I missed flipping shit at people.

I missed smiling.

And laughing.

And being happy.

I feel like the rain is finally going away….
….and the sun is finally shining through.

While I feel like others around me are struggling with spring, I feel like I’ve finally broken through the earth and I’m stretching myself to the sun again.

I’ve missed the warmth.

I need to stand in the sun for a while.

With my face turned up to the sky….
….as I soak in the rays.

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  1. Stumptown says:

    I’ve missed your smile. I’m glad it is back!

  2. I need to ask…why do you mostly write what I think? Lately it seems that you are able to put into words, that which I think and feel.

    It’s kinda creepy actually.

    And this is no DIS on you, but it is sort of like you are looking at my life and writing it down.

    I am glad you found your smile…I just wish I could find my own…

  3. glad you found it. 🙂

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