Friday Feelz

+ The voodoo witch doctor of a chiropractor I see had another moment that left me shaking my head. After he is adjusting me, he starts asking my body stuff. It’s a weird thing he does that always puts me in the "oh here we go" head space. After going through a series of things (and me thinking – nope, not today, voodoo man), he lands on judgement and resistance. "Where do you feel judgement and resistance in your life right now?" Where? Easy. Work. I would usually just give him very little and see if he can hone in on it himself (because that’s the kind of skeptic I am), but I just relented this time. I told him that was easy – my boss was fired a few weeks ago, another cohort was fired this week, and it comes down to us being judged about our performance based on the resistance of the team. He did a few things and said a few things, then went through this tests again. This time, all went well – no weakness, I guess, was detected. "Ok, you’re good" he commented and sent me on my way. When I got into the car, I thought about how much taller I was sitting – how good my back felt – and shook my head. I’ve been seeing this guy for like 9 years now, and each time he does this, I feel the same way. I feel like it shouldn’t work, but does.

+ One thing everyone keeps asking me in my life is how I feel about the oldest being on the verge of encountering her first hurricane. Each time I’m asking, I think they look at me oddly because I’m not freaking out or anything. I’m truly in the space of it will be what it is. She is smart. She knows to follow those who know more than she does about what to do and where to go. She is prepared because, well, that’s who she is – a very prepared person. And she is just pretty relaxed about it all too which tells me I should relax. Sure her relaxation may be her inexperience with things, but honestly – there is nothing she can do but settle in and ride it all out. No point in worrying about that which cannot be controlled. We check in with her and all, but really, the kids are taking care of each other. I guess this is one way for them to all bond – through riding out a storm together. She did thank me for getting her a set of Cards Against Humanity. Guess that’s been a popular form of entertainment.

+ A big name in movies is filming a movie on our block today. It is crazy watching all of the people, the stuff, the staff, and the effects. One thing that has struck me more than anything else is how quiet everything is. I mean, seriously – there are probably 100 people on our street, and you don’t hear anything. Occasionally you hear the director give instructions followed by "rolling" but that’s about it. A person was leaving their house with their bicycle and they were clearly afraid it would make too much noise. It has been fascinating to watch.

Happy Friday

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  1. Sam says:

    My kid moved in May 2017 and encountered his first hurricane not too long after. He did really well, I was so proud (nervous, but proud). You did a good job. Speaking of jobs, man fuck some of those people. Ugh. You’re doing fantastic.

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