I woke last night – in the middle of the night – about 1:30am.  No real reason really.  Just sort of found myself suddenly awake; having woken from a dream that was about him – about us.  I don’t recall the details – just that we were together in it – on whatever subconscious adventure my brain decided to take us on. The fact were together was the key.

So I woke, laid there wondering if my body woke me to go to the bathroom or get water – and didn’t feel it had done that for either reason but got up for water just because.  I pondered the fact I had been dreaming about him – feeling him with me even though he is in a different place, in a different bed.

I ended up laying there reading a bit, trying to fall back asleep as I knew my alarm would go off at 5am – the time I get up to workout most days.  I read, feeling him still – and fell asleep and back into a dream where he was.

Post-workout, I checked email to find a note from him. Sent at about 1:30am.  Commenting how strongly he had been feeling me all night.  No matter what he was doing – he kept drifting to me.

There are times like this when our connections are so strong that it is unexplainable.  It’s a different flavor of the connection I have with G – the connection where he doesn’t really have to say much more than ‘hi’ in a text and I know something is wrong.

I guess that’s what happens when you slip deeply into intimacy.

I don’t care how – I enjoy it too much.

What do you think?

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