Photos: My Favorite Park

I LOVE this park in Portland – Tanner Springs Park.  Long time readers will recognize the most notable feature – that fence.  I cannot shoot it enough. And one I took of my lavender.  Love the bees.

Photo: Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery

While wandering the city today, we happened to be in the area of the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery – a cemetery which is on the historical registry.  The first burials in the cemetery occurred in 1846, so the history as you go through it is pretty amazing. I find cemeteries interesting. I find them peaceful….

Photos: Randomness

love how the tree and sky are reflective in this building I’m guessing this is the last weekend of the cherry blossom bloom. They were raining down on everyone enjoying them and the sun. Near our train tracks in downtown are these signs warning cyclist that they could get their tires caught in the rails….

Photos: The Reservoir

The girls and I hiked around one of the many Portland reservoirs.  Here are some images from the hike. I should mention that these are open reservoirs – no covers – nothing but signs and a guard. I was reading an article about perspective on photos.  I decided to play around with that a bit with…

POD – Old Architecture

My unintended theme today seemed to be old architectural elements from old buildings. Inside the Eco Trust building in the Pearl District. They built the new building around elements of the old building. I love how they preserved the old and the new. Inside the eco-trust building again.  Old Armory Theatre. After years of walking…

POD – Sunday Wanderings

art in the park – yes, it is a dog dish. One of the new apartment buildings downtown has several wind turbines on it. They were all going today with the wind.  The baptist church downtown Functional art – these bikes are stored here by the Zoo Bombers – a group who go up to…

POD – Telling Religion

While DJ did her 3hrs of taekwondo today, Indigo and I drove up the road to The Grotto.  The Grotto is a neat place in a forested area.  Before we went, I had to take a picture of the Hollywood Theater – a neat theater they are in the process of restoring back to its…

POD – Chilly Day Photos

Love the mural on the Lotus building It’s so cold that the park is empty. The Portlandia Statue – in all her glory.

POD – Old Court House

This is an old federal courthouse building, if I’m not mistaken.  The sun – the bare branches -the color of the building – just felt like a good picture to take.  Granted, the blue sky helped too.