Photo Walk with Daddy

Spent a wonderful afternoon with Daddy (SB) at the Chinese Gardens.  Yeah, US independence day, and we are at a Chinese garden. It was wonderful.  The weather was fabulous. Blue skies, perfect temperature, perfect breeze.  I love stepping inside the walls leaving the neighborhood behind and being transported in a tranquil space where you heard…

Week 28 – Reflections at the Chinese Garden

I love look at the reflections and trying to capture what I see.  The pond at the Chinese Garden gave me plenty to see. Oh and the water lilies were amazing! As was their exhibit of silk embroidery work.

Week 25 – Lavender and Bees

I’m a sucker for lavender in general – but toss in some bees – and I’m in photo taking heaven. Standing there, silently, all you heard was the gentle buzzing of the honey bees – and smell of lavender.  It was fabulous.  As G commented – Lavender Honey!  Of couse, DJ found the chickens and…

Week 21 – Nature Walk

Taken while walking around the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Area in North Portland.  I want a canoe.

Weeks 18-19: Images &

Super Moon over Portland… shot I could get. feathery upright Surrender disarray flowing together perseverance and breaking through

Week 10: Mississippi

These are a few images from my walk on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland. Magnolia tree blooming Kind of an interesting idea via graffiti.   The stairs to nowhere.

Saturday Signs

Sunday is Zombie Walk.  Given the zombie obsessed tweens that are in our lives, we knew we would be going.  So after Indigo’s last soccer game, DJ and I left to go find her zombie costume.  First was lunch though. On our way to the fun pizza joint we were going to stop at, we…

Photos: Weeds and Flora

While on my bike ride today, I spotted some interesting weeds. I had to go back later.  Took some photos of the weeds and more.  Here is a montage of my day.

Photos: Gorgeous Summer Day

Mt Hood or “I really need to clean my sensor on my camera”…. this is also the only one in the series post-processed as the mountain needed to pop out. The rest of the photos are all straight from the camera.

Photos – The Farmer’s Market

subtitled: When Emmy thought she broke her camera. We went to the farmer’s market yesterday to get a few things.  I had snagged my camera because there are almost always great opportunities for photos.  I took a few shots – was happy with my settings selection as it was cloudy and under trees which makes…