Photos: Bird, Bird, Bird Is the Word

DJ and I drove out to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge in Washington.  It’s a drive-thru bird refuge.  The upside – it’s wonderfully full of birds.  The downside – you have to stay in the car. Yeah, that part was annoying.  Hard to take photos from the car given you get the angle you get.  Oh,…

Photo: First Photos of 2013

I love the rabbit. He’s a riot. Plus has great hare.  (Pun intended)  To take this photo, I put on my flash for the first time ever on this camera.  Not too bad.   an icy shot of the abandoned house in central Oregon.

Photos: Veteran’s Day

Today, Indigo and I visited the Vietnam War memorial in Portland.  While there, the Native American Veterans were doing a ceremony to honor their fallen.  I felt privileged to be able to witness it – and I was happy they allowed me to photograph them.

More Vacation Photos

Pelican!!  I love pelicans. Oregon Coast Octopus Tree – there is no central trunk – it’s an anomaly  A lighthouse.   Overall – a  good vacation.  The haze made photos hard on the first day – but my meandering drive home made up for it. Good stuff.

Week 24 – A Drive

This building was the headquarters of the utility office. It closed in the early 1950s.  And has been vacant ever since.  We drive by this building a lot.  I have been wanting the shoot it for years.  So Sunday, we drove down to the fence.  G went to try to talk the security guard into…

Weeks 18-19: Images &

Super Moon over Portland… shot I could get. feathery upright Surrender disarray flowing together perseverance and breaking through

Photos: Nature Walk

Last week, I tore the tween girls away from the TV and video games by forcing them to go for a nature walk. DJ had just gotten a bird call – a very neat little device that is  fun when in a nature setting as the birds will fly to you and call back.  I…

Photos: The Reservoir

The girls and I hiked around one of the many Portland reservoirs.  Here are some images from the hike. I should mention that these are open reservoirs – no covers – nothing but signs and a guard. I was reading an article about perspective on photos.  I decided to play around with that a bit with…

POD – Old Architecture

My unintended theme today seemed to be old architectural elements from old buildings. Inside the Eco Trust building in the Pearl District. They built the new building around elements of the old building. I love how they preserved the old and the new. Inside the eco-trust building again.  Old Armory Theatre. After years of walking…