Week 11 – Tour of Washington

A friend gave me a few ideas of where to take some photos today. So, we went out and shot them. A collapsed house that is being reclaimed by the forest. The fence clearly belongs to a Master A great old barn Another view of it I like the bottle floating in the water –…

Photos – A Hot Weekend

Notice the sky. This is what it looks like when the smoke from the forest fires settles in the valley. Sitting under the St John’s Bridge, while the girls played in the water, and we sat in the sand reading, napping, and relaxing. And watched the tug boat go back downriver just to bring upriver…

Photos: Weekend Trip – Central Oregon

Not fog….smoke.  This was on our way up through the pass.  We felt bad for the cyclists who were having to breath it in as they rode. Mt Hood looked great – above the smoke line. We drove up to Timberline Lodge – the lodge used for the outside shots in the movie The Shining….

Photo: Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery

While wandering the city today, we happened to be in the area of the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery – a cemetery which is on the historical registry.  The first burials in the cemetery occurred in 1846, so the history as you go through it is pretty amazing. I find cemeteries interesting. I find them peaceful….

POD – A Week in Pictures

I was drinking one beer when G brought me the other. Double fisting it, as it were. Think Day Treat for their study of Egypt. Didn’t happen because of the great snow event of 2011.  Yeah, there was no snow that day. These are walnuts with orange marzipan dipped in caramelized sugar. According to the Egyptian cultural site, this…

POD – A Day of Mountains

This was one of those clear, crisp days that gave the right people with the right view a 5-6 mountain view.  Here are a couple that I liked.  St John’s Bridge and Mt Adams Mt St Helens and the Columbia/Willamette Rivers

POD – Sunset on a Chilly Day

A gorgeous end to the day.  And just in time – before the rains come back.  While the rest of the country is covered in snow, we’ve been covered in sun.  I know I’m not the only one who was eager to escape each day to enjoy it. I find as the sun returns, my…

POD – Willamette Falls

This is the view as I’m looking up the river toward the falls. The falls – considered the 2nd largest in the US. Dr McLoughlin – founded the area near the falls and considered critical for supporting the pioneers who reached the end of the Oregon Trail in terms of making sure they could get…

POD – Beautiful Days

The fogged in buildings on Wed. This was the view out my window. You can barely see the top of the building. Sunset on my run More fogged in buildings. While you can see the top of this one, you cannot see the building next to it. Fog is what happens around here when it…

POD – Silhouette

While many of you freeze, we are having unusually warm weather. It was 52 today. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow.  I’ll take it.