Good Things in My Week

A few weeks ago, I did a post called “Looking for Good” where I made a list of the good things that happened in my week – in an attempt to look for the good instead of fixating only on the bad.  Why? It’s easy to let the stress weight you down. It’s not so…

Day 210 – Out of Control

As Garbanzo got ready to leave to go run the Tillamook Burn, the girls and I wandered down the street to go to the Overlook Village Celebration.  Overlook is the neighborhood our house is located in.  Given the amount of new business that has grown up between the MAX train and the Adidas headquarters, they…

Day 199 – Nightly Task

Every night, it’s the same thing especially since it’s been in the 90s out here.  Which is quite unusual for the Pacific Northwest, but I’m not complaining.  It’s finally summer!  Who can complain about that!  I know my plants aren’t as long as I water them, that is.

Day 186 – Did Ya Know??

A couple of weeks ago, I came in the house after watering my garden and told Garbanzo that I had pumpkins.  Lots of pumpkins.  I counted, at the time, about 10 of them.  The girls were in the room too when I said this, and I told them all of this.  “Wow” was the response….

Day 184 – Rain Barrels

I always feel like an idiot living in a rainy part of the country yet still needing to water my garden.  After lots of discussion, Garbanzo bought some food grade plastic barrels and is converting them into rain barrels.  For those unfamiliar, you connect your downspout to the barrel, capture the rain water in it,…

Day 183 – A Day of Yard Work

After going to bed really late – again – we got up too early for a Sunday morning and went for a run.  After some breakfast, I went out and tackled the yard.  I hadn’t been able to walk down the path between the arbor and the deck without getting whacked in the face with…

Day 173 – Pumpkins Gone Wild

They are taking over! I think I may have at least 10 pumpkins already set on the plants, but it is hard to say given how they are everywhere.

Day 157 – The Voodoo That You Do

One of the larger surprises when we bought this house 10 years ago was the appearance of these: A Voodoo lily!  They look somewhat prehistoric and extremely phallic.  They come back every year – and never cease to amaze.  I think Garbanzo is doing a post about this too – so head over to him for…

Day 156 – Tomatoes Gone Wild

On 26-May, I took this picture of one of my tomato plants. Nice and healthy, huh? This is what the same plant looks like today – it has about 10 days of sun and 80+ degree weather. Notice its height in relation to the tomato stake and the fence. All of my plants are doing…

Day 140 – More Garden PIctures

I’m obsessed with my clematis.  I can’t help it.  They are gorgeous.  And, I’m just amazed at how they are doing.  Plus, to be honest, I haven’t really left the house today.  We’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the weather.