Weekend Inventory

Good things this weekend: Patio was cleaned off and power washed. I love power washers. A good hot dog for lunch and a beer….and a hot dog off the grill too. Hot coffee on a cool morning Harvesting more veggies from the garden & fruit too. Playing with my juicer.  Yum to fresh pineapple juice….

Finding the Light

I’m feeling mushy. Squishy too, but that’s a different problem, if you will. When a combination of stress, lack of sleep and allergies come together, I fly high on the adrenaline, then I crash.  I feel down. I feel low.  I feel sensitive. I feel mushy – or more like overly emotional in certain areas….

Mumblings of a MIA Blogger

MIA – it seems to be a good way to describe me recently.  I’m behind in my pictures. I’m not posting my usual stuff at my usual times. I’m not making my rounds on other blogs.  There are many explanations. Work is definitely one of them.  We are two weeks away from go-live. For all…

Day 146 – Lettuce

Despite the rain and little sun, the lettuce has been going nuts. Tonight we harvested the first of it.  It was great. Now hopefully we’ll get some sun. I have some veggies that needs some serious sun to help them. But it’s nice knowing that some things are growing.