POD – Cement Art and Chicks

Both of these faces, I found on my run this morning. Someone had put them into the wet cement of a sidewalk. I think of how many times I walked over them before noticing.   The chickens were in the front yard today taking care of the moss. Or at least, that was my hope….

Day 213 – Rocky

You know that scene in Rocky when he is training – and he is told to “chase a chicken” because it will help him get quick?  Well, I had my own version of that on Sunday when this:chicken got into our neighbor’s yard.  The good news is the fact the yard was fenced.  The bad…

The Incredible Edible Egg

The fact that my loving husband decided to raise chickens for eggs is a bit ironic for people who have known me for a very long time.  You see, until just recently, I would not eat eggs.  Sure, you could put eggs in a cake or cook with them in something,  But, no omelet for…

Day 178 – Chicken Run

I went outside to check on the chickens.  Garbanzo has been obsessive about their safety lately.  Not that I blame him, but it was getting pretty bad recently.  Since he was gone, I figured I should assume chicken duty. I found them in the front yard which means they were out of their run. Guess…

Weekend Wrap Up

After the weekend we’ve had around our house, I feel I need to do a wrap up to start the week off. Friday night’s plans to go to the B52’s were thwarted by rain.  Actually, let me clarify.  The torrential rains we were frequent and ran almost right up to when the concert was going to start….

Last of his chicks

We don’t remember this one’s breed. We are now on our way to the girl scout camp out. Think sunny thoughts!

Day 168 – Chickens

Here is one of the chickens Garbanzo (who may be known as Gonzo from here on out) got today. This one is a Silkie. I am uploading from my iPhone so the other two pictures will be posted soon.

Day 167 – The Coop

Garbanzo, in case you don’t read his blog, has been building the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. He decided to build it on the back deck figuring it would be a good staging area. Now he can’t get it off the deck even with my help. He has put a plea out to his friends…