More Vacation Photos

Pelican!!  I love pelicans. Oregon Coast Octopus Tree – there is no central trunk – it’s an anomaly  A lighthouse.   Overall – a  good vacation.  The haze made photos hard on the first day – but my meandering drive home made up for it. Good stuff.

Week 35-36: Card Reader Blues

After two weeks of not finding it, I found it.  So much for my “safe place”.  Ugh. Anyway, here are the photos. A bit more post-processing than I usually do, but I took them with that in mind. Made me think of Dana. 🙂 I liked the contrast of the dying with the fully bloomed….

Weeks 33-34: Catch-Up

I was not in the mood to post most of last week. Too much work, too little time, more time retreating to reacharge than spending time online.  Here is the catch-up. Our friend who kept bugging us when spending the day at the beach waiting for G. Shy flower. The kind of bombs to drop…

Week 31: Little Ms Spider

These spiders in our yard are all females. This is the time of year they spin their webs in hope of capturing a mate.  This one chose my onion blooms. and a close up of the flowers. They are neat – or so I think so.

Week 30: Walking My Camera

Since it was so freaking hot over the weekend, I decided to take my camera for a walk under the large trees in a nearby neighborhood.  Oh yeah, and take photos too. BTW: Photo tip that I like passing along to people who try to shoot photos on a bright and sunny day – a…

Week 29: Graffiti

  How can you not walk by this electrical outlet and not notice the female form?

Week 28 – Reflections at the Chinese Garden

I love look at the reflections and trying to capture what I see.  The pond at the Chinese Garden gave me plenty to see. Oh and the water lilies were amazing! As was their exhibit of silk embroidery work.

Week 27 – Rain Drops

We had surprise drizzle this morning….and this bush near my house resulted in some fun pictures. Even the cat was not excluded from the raindrops…