POD – Catching Up….Again

Because I am having to upload most of my gallery for a second time. I noticed a week ago that I hadn’t updated my watermark on my photos, so I’m still living in 2010. An update required a republish of all of my photos in that gallery. A nice feature, but a slow process when…

POD – Sunday Wanderings

art in the park – yes, it is a dog dish. One of the new apartment buildings downtown has several wind turbines on it. They were all going today with the wind.  The baptist church downtown Functional art – these bikes are stored here by the Zoo Bombers – a group who go up to…

POD – Telling Religion

While DJ did her 3hrs of taekwondo today, Indigo and I drove up the road to The Grotto.  The Grotto is a neat place in a forested area.  Before we went, I had to take a picture of the Hollywood Theater – a neat theater they are in the process of restoring back to its…

POD – Chilly Day Photos

Love the mural on the Lotus building It’s so cold that the park is empty. The Portlandia Statue – in all her glory.

POD – A Week in Pictures

I was drinking one beer when G brought me the other. Double fisting it, as it were. Think Day Treat for their study of Egypt. Didn’t happen because of the great snow event of 2011.  Yeah, there was no snow that day. These are walnuts with orange marzipan dipped in caramelized sugar. According to the Egyptian cultural site, this…

POD – Cement Art and Chicks

Both of these faces, I found on my run this morning. Someone had put them into the wet cement of a sidewalk. I think of how many times I walked over them before noticing.   The chickens were in the front yard today taking care of the moss. Or at least, that was my hope….

POD – A Day of Mountains

This was one of those clear, crisp days that gave the right people with the right view a 5-6 mountain view.  Here are a couple that I liked.  St John’s Bridge and Mt Adams Mt St Helens and the Columbia/Willamette Rivers


This squirrel was in our bird feeder this morning.  Squeezed inside, he was sorting through the bird seed eating what he could find.

POD – Cookie Hell

Even the dog is fed up with the cookie hell.  Sorted – now to be delivered – I hope – tomorrow – to parents who will be responsible for making sure they get paid for.  I hate cookies.  I only had 33 cases for my girls.  My cohort had to pick up 225 cases.  …