Photos: Flora (again)

daffodil blooming white flowers blossom soup as made by the neighbor kids love the purple on these flowers – they look water colored Glad squares from the VW. Love the blue ones. I should forewarn that this is the time of the year where I overrun my blog photos with flowers in bloom. Add in…

Photo: Grilling Heads

Engine heads for a VW to be specific.  Our kitchen and stove became a pseudo exam room for them.  In the end, success was had.  A matching set – no cracks.  Keep your fingers crossed that this is the start of an engine rebuild!

POD – Something on a Stick Day

Today was Something on a Stick Day.The family reminded me …. repeatedly. So I made them cookies on a stick. It worked. They were happy. The end.

Sunday’s Pics and Other Random Stuff

Last night, SmugMug was apparently having some site issues that prevented me from getting to my pics to post. Those of you who have followed me for a while will recognize the theme that seems to emerge this time of the year – the plant photos.   I can’t help it.  Between the new foliage and the…

POD – From The Past

Here is a teaser of the photos I’ve been taking over the past few weeks.  Click on it to see the real photos on my SmugMug site.

POD – Spring

First daffodil I liked it in B&W best – the yellow was so bright the flower was almost lost. So good to see bits of sun popping out of the ground. Even if it isn’t in the sky.

POD – Week in Pictures

The first blooms on the flowering plum trees. The wall ‘o drugs at the chiro’s office. All twigs and berries Nothing like some black Kinesio athletic tape to go along with boots, a short shirt and fishnets that I wore to the monthly kink party at the local swingers club.   I LOVE my new…

POD – Shadows and Reflections

Such a gorgeous morning! Sun – blue sky…..very nice.  This is the view from my cohort’s side of the building.  Very pretty day.  I liked the reflection on the water of the bridges.  And if you look carefully, you can see my badge reflected in the window.  No, you cannot read it. 🙂

POD – Old Architecture

My unintended theme today seemed to be old architectural elements from old buildings. Inside the Eco Trust building in the Pearl District. They built the new building around elements of the old building. I love how they preserved the old and the new. Inside the eco-trust building again.  Old Armory Theatre. After years of walking…