Day 10: Fog

Another day – another changed prompt. “you came in slowly like the fog and consumed me.” ― Ava

Day 9: Frozen

(I didn’t like the prompt for today so I made my own.) “I feel frozen holding on to the flame of my own duality..” ― Munia Khan

Day 8: Ornament

Since we don’t have a tree yet, this will have to do. Last night, I was chatting with someone about the weather forecast for today.  Half of the schools in the area had closed by about 5pm last night.  The question became what would the city school district do.  “Decide at 4am,” was the message…

Day 7: Bright

Honestly, I like how bright our lights are. My snowflakes have been up since before Thanksgiving. And my star since Thanksgiving. They are so bright that I cannot tell if the porch light is on or not.  I like that.

Day 6: Shopping

Honestly, I hate this day’s prompt.  Yeah, I get it – it’s December and time to show for Christmas. Instead, I am showing what I am making my nieces for Christmas. They are so popular that tomorrow I’m going to go get some more jeans because my own kids want them now.  

Day 5: Weather

Ok – the prompt was “temperature where you are” but that seemed dumb to me. So I went with “weather” which was perfect because today we had snow (which is not something we normally have). I was going to go up into the hills to get snow photos, but they started closing roads to the…

Day 4: Joyous

Now that the show is done, I can concentrate on my idea for presents for my nieces.  A few months ago, I came across a pattern to make stuffed whales out of denim.  Cool, I thought, we have jeans slated to be tossed since they were kind of destroyed for wearing. I’ll use them and…

Day 3: Red.

Even though the season dictates green trees for decorations, we still have red trees here.

Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie

[Mr. Parker reads a side of the box with the prize that he won] Mr. Parker: Aaah! “Fra-GEE-leh!” It must be Italian! Mrs. Parker: Uh, I think that says FRAGILE, honey.

Day 1: Your View Today

After writing about creating my own December photo challenge, I am here to say I changed my mind.  One of my kids sent me a message a few hours ago with a photo challenge she found.  “Moe, we should do this one together! I think it could be awesome!” Both my kids have an eye…