Photos: Fire and Flowers

Tonight we went for a walk to a place near our house that was the scene of a fire a few days ago.  I was happy to be able to go a shoot some photos.

Photo Walk with Daddy

Spent a wonderful afternoon with Daddy (SB) at the Chinese Gardens.  Yeah, US independence day, and we are at a Chinese garden. It was wonderful.  The weather was fabulous. Blue skies, perfect temperature, perfect breeze.  I love stepping inside the walls leaving the neighborhood behind and being transported in a tranquil space where you heard…

Random Photos of the Day

Indigo’s rabbit rocks.  I love that little guy.  And he loves me too.  Plus, he eats all of the dandelions in the yard.  Can’t argue with that! And he is a curious little rabbit too.   One of the first roses of the year – from my yard This is why I have hummingbirds –…

Photos: Bird, Bird, Bird Is the Word

DJ and I drove out to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge in Washington.  It’s a drive-thru bird refuge.  The upside – it’s wonderfully full of birds.  The downside – you have to stay in the car. Yeah, that part was annoying.  Hard to take photos from the car given you get the angle you get.  Oh,…

Photo: First Photos of 2013

I love the rabbit. He’s a riot. Plus has great hare.  (Pun intended)  To take this photo, I put on my flash for the first time ever on this camera.  Not too bad.   an icy shot of the abandoned house in central Oregon.