Typical conversations at work


"My cheek gets stuck to my temporary tooth, and I end up having to peel it off in the morning which has made it sore. I need a way to stop this from happening until I get my real tooth."

"Maybe try putting wax on the tooth – like for braces"

"Or sex wax!"

"Yeah, sex wax would work – and it’s flavored"

"What the hell is sex wax?"

"If sex wax doesn’t work, maybe the stuff they use for Brazilians waxes for will work."

"And you had to take us straight there."

"Someone had to do it, and I was up for the job!"

"Sex wax is for surf boards – look it up."

Starts typing then abruptly stops – "I can’t look up ‘sex wax’ on my work computer – what am I doing?!?"

"It is for surf boards – I got the same reaction from my daughter until she found it at the surf shop."

"I’m not sure I would like sex wax – I prefer sex lotion."

"Surfers used to chew sex wax like gum when they were on the water."

"You guys are screwing with me."

"Google ‘Mr Zogs’."

"There IS sex wax for surf boards…..this is fascinating!"

"Did you know that he named it sex wax as a play on the idea of sex selling – it was his way of spoofing that concept. This is fascinating."

New executive admin enters the group…..

"My computer is broken again, so I came up this morning and put energy drinks on the desks of the help desk crew. Now, I am bringing them my computer to fix in hopes that they won’t hate me too much."

"Yeah, that’s dangerous bringing them energy drinks. Last time they had them, Joe and Fred ended up stripping off their shirts and dancing on their desks. It was a scene that still haunts us all."

"You’ve been here a week – and you already figured out they like energy drinks. I’m guessing their pyramids of empty cans gave it away?"

"Now you all have me afraid to take them my computer. Oh well, I guess it would be my doing if they are dancing on their desks."

"Good luck, and have a good Friday!"

And that is part of the conversation we had this morning at 7:30 am – my five developers and me. I wish I could say this is a rare conversation, but it isn’t. That’s the part that sucks about all of the shit going on at work – the people are awesome – our "leader"? Not so much.

But at least we can still find ways to lighten the mood.

What do you think?

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