Dreams Denied.


I woke up – hot – kicking the covers off – and on the brink of orgasm.

That dream – that fucking dream –

I started on my knees. Naked. I took his cock in my mouth. As I worked to take more and more of it into my mouth – into my throat – I looked up at him. And he looked down at me and smiled – that grin that said he liked seeing his cock in my mouth but also liked how it felt.

All that grin did was egg me on — it made me want to give him more – made me want to make that grin turn to a moan.

As I tended to his cock, I felt his hands in my hair – on my face. His hands guided me to take him deeper – take him more. And his words – his nasty, dirty words – they just made me want to be and do all of what he spoke of.

“Enough” he declared, then pulled me up by my hair. His mouth seized mine as I was recovering from my oral service. He forcibly took my mouth – his tongue explored my mouth – his teeth nibbled on my lips.

Then with his hand in my hair, he pushed me away, turned me around, and bent me over the bed. Before I could adjust to my new position, I felt his hand land on my ass…..once, twice, three times…..and more. I was forced to take those blows as I tried to catch my breath. And just as I thought I was about to catch my breath – he shifted to grab a nipple as his spanking continued.

The room filled with my moans and groans and squeals.

And down my legs ran my juices.

He positioned himself behind me and thrust inside of me.

I gasped – I screamed – I wanted more.

And he gave it to me. He trusted hard – he slapped my skin – he squeezed my nippled – and he spoke to me in tongues. And I responded. Hard and wet and loud until….

…..I woke.

Frustrated –

Wanting –

And realizing I need the pain and the pleasure –

yeah – did I mention wanting?

Fucking dreams.

What do you think?

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