Through The Looking Glass

I shoot photos at a monthly kink event. It is a lot of rope – some impact scenes – and a shit ton of “kinky” people who like to wear it but not play it. And that’s a statement, by the way, not a judgement. People need to be who they are – and that’s good.

Tonight, though, it was like we were Alice entering Wonderland…..and wonder did we!

We had the usual crowd. The kinksters. The rope bunnies. The impact players. We had the stand and pose crowd who comes in with their best fetish gear to be seen. Then the rest entered…..and well, wow….

The goths in fetish gear. The gender fluid in leather. The latex people. The punk people. The nudist. And that is just to name a few.

As the night went on, the people coming to the even made me (and others) do a double take.

The conclusion of the night was a woman who was dressed in clothes that barely covered her….and I think I’m being nice in saying they covered her. I watched her try to insert herself in a few scenes. She was tall and skinny and in that skimpiest of clothes. I was surprised she was struggling. Though, I wondered if she was a striper.

Nope. Yoga instructor who is also an attention whore. Let’s just say I thought of Hubman as she is showing her flexibility. Though, I doubt he would even fuck her. I finally said to someone that I felt she was exuding a “I’m really fucking crazy – so you may not want to fuck me” vibe as most men who started interesting seemed to flee.

It was crazy.

Through the looking glass……that was truly it.

What do you think?

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