The Voyage

There is a place I realized I had driven by but never through to explore it. I realized that back in October or November when a show did a whole thing about the ghosts that live there. The ghosts were a combination of the white people who settled and tried to keep people safe in the light house – but also the native Americans who were impacted by them moving into the area.

When I saw that show locally going into that area, I mentioned it to my parents who love that area too – and both were like “oh yeah – we love that area!” I guess that my dad almost died right where the wife of the light house person did. Bad weather and poorly marked trail almost caused it to happen.

So I decided to to check it out. And ended up walking 4.1 miles and the equivalent of 21 floors. At one point during the final climb up to the hill, I encountered an older guy with his camera who stepped aside then told me he is using his camera as his excuse. “I’m not tired – I just see a great photo opportunity.” Oh, I felt him. That temptation was there for me too.

But I kept climbing.

When I got to the top, I stood and marveled not only where I came – but also what I got to see. I couldn’t see it without pushing through and getting there.

I stood there at the fence overlooking the mouth of the river that opens up to the Pacific Ocean – a place where too many ships found their need – too many people died – and was in awe.

The older guy found a place next to me about 10 minutes later.

“You made it,” I commented. He had mentioned he was on the verge of saying “fuck it”.

“I did. And wow!” He marveled at the view.

He told me how he also brought his scope – hoping to see whales. “Can you see the shipwreck from here?” He asked me. We both raised our cameras to see if we could spot the remains of a shipwreck on the Oregon side of the Pacific River coast.

I could. I pointed him to where I could see it. Wishing I had my bigger zoom lens – but thankful I did not have it because that would have made the hike even harder. That fucking lens weighs a ton.

I appreciated the journey. I appreciated what I got to see. I kept seeing the past in the shorelines especially after reading the stories.

When I was done – I was happy. I as happy at the journey. I was happy about the experience. I needed that long hike. I needed to remember some things about myself while on the voyage. And I needed the downtime. The exhale -the nothing.

What do you think?

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