Reality is – I cannot undo the experiences of the past. Only you can decide to undo them. Only you can decide that it is time to let it go – to realize that maybe that time was the exception and not the rule. Only you can put it at peace and choose a different ending.

I can be truthful. But only you can decide that I am being truthful, and that I’m not like the others. Only you can decide to place aside your fear and truth. Only you can have faith.

I can be loud. But only you can decide it is truly because I am trying rise above your own loud voice. Only you can believe the intent is good – that I’m trying to shout down your demons.

And, no matter how much I love, I cannot make you believe it. I cannot undo the screwed up ways people said they loved you then demonstrated it through toxic love. I can try – as hard as I want – to show you it is different this time – but only you can be open enough to believe it.

Today we decided to say goodbye. Today we decided that no matter how much we try – no matter how much we do all of these things – that if someone refuses to listen and hear, refuses to confront their own demons, that the only choice we have is to wish the person well and let it go.

I personally don’t like giving up on people. I want to believe they have a chance. I want to believe that with enough encouragement that change can happen – that I can be, for once, the person who makes them challenge their own demons. But sadly I cannot. Sadly, the only way a person can see is to find themselves in the pit with only their demons – find themselves alone to do battle with them. We can cheer. We can hope. But sometimes, people don’t want to see an alternate reality – people don’t want to confront the demons but embrace them.

I get that. I don’t like it, but I get that.

But honestly, no one should sacrifice their own peace doing more work and more battle for the person than the person is willing to do for themselves.

PS: this is a bit vague for a reason. Those who have read can put it all together, I’m sure. If you can’t -well, the message holds 🙂

What do you think?

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