Friday Feelz!


This summarizes the feeling this morning. Earlier this week we had a bit of snow (1-2 inches maybe) and it closed schools and delayed work. Now, they are forecasting snow for the weekend -snow in a place that usually gets rain, so has limited resources to take care of roads and all. (I think I read that we have in the city the same number of snow plows and sanders and all that we did in my town growing up — my town of 15K people compared to the city here which is about 650K.)

My problem – is I am like this:

Where I grew up, we learned to drive on snow because, well, sometimes that is what you drove on for months. You went around the corner and slid and knew how to maintain control. No one tailgated during that weather – we all took it easy. And we did it without chains and studs. I can drive in this the problem is most people around here cannot. And because they have their big ass trucks and SUVs, they think that is enough.


I will admit that I am looking forward to the snow mainly because it will keep everyone home. All activities will get cancelled – so nothing to do but stay home and relax in front of a fire. Ahhhh.

I could so use the downtime!

What do you think?

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