A Different Motivational Monday

I realized this morning that I didn’t get a motivational Monday prepped for today. If I am getting them all in my count, I have done 240 motivational Mondays since I started – holy fuck….have I been doing them for 4 years? I guess I didn’t realize it has been going on for that long.

I was contemplating throwing something together, but I’ve got nothing. Nothing has jumped out at me and screamed "use me".

So my inspiration will be of a different sort this week…..

Want to see what you can do if you just, well, do it? Check out Lexi aka Fedgirlfedup as she is known on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Her story is simple. Two years ago, she decided on a New Year’s Resolution to do something about her weight. She weight over 400 lbs at age 25 – and she needed to do something different. So, she did. If I recall her story correctly, she was challenged for one month to exercise and eat better – no soda, no fast food, no alcohol. And she lost weight. Two years later, she has lost 312 lbs. No surgeries. No gimmicks. Nothing but hard work – nothing but changing what she was doing to produce the outcome she wanted. Today, she continues to share her story and continues to work on losing the rest of the weight. She talks about non-scale victories. She talks about finding workouts you love with people who you love to hang out with. Her husband, by the way, also lost about 100 lbs. She also talks honestly about her current struggles and realities (one of which is loose skin). She is uplifting and inspirational and motivating. Go follow this Midwest girl who just really wants to show people it isn’t easy but it is possible – and the rewards are worth it. (Oh and if you aren’t interested in the weight loss / exercise aspect – her shopping and couponing skills are amazing too.)

Another person I’ve started following lately on Instagram is Glennon Doyle (she’s also on twitter and probably elsewhere too).

She is the author of the books Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior. Oh and she’s married to Abby Wambach. I love listening to her answer questions people ask about things. She has such amazing ways of framing things. She forces you to look at things differently. Yes she is a feminist – it is not a bad word or a bad thing. She will challenge some of you, but in a way that is good. In a way that makes you think. Thinking is good.

The last suggestion for some inspiration and motivation: Duncan Lou Who (duncanlouwho on instagram). Duncan was rescued by a woman who runs PandaPaws – a dog rescue organization who takes big medical cases. Duncan came as a puppy with back legs that had issues. After many vet assessments, they decided his best bet is amputation. They figured he would get a cart and all would be well. Turns out, he hated the cart – and prefers to just run around on his two front legs. This dog is amazing. And shows how nothing can keep you down. His family is pretty amazing too – check them out on Facebook. Duncan has gone into cardiac arrest a few times with his family saving him. And he even survived a pretty gnarly car crash last year – including being lost after the crash in an area filled with predators. He is one amazing dog who will definitely inspire.

So there you go – some places to find inspiration and motivation – not just on Mondays but all days.

What do you think?

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