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PerplexedI received a message from someone on Fetlife the other day. This person is someone I don’t know (and female), so I expected the content to be about art. It was about art – but specifically an upcoming artist showing at the gallery. The message left me scratching my head. This person was calling me asking how this person had credentials from an organization who does not offer credentials – she has checked. This question was related to the "outside of making art, the artist also works in the community doing XYZ" portion of the bio. I responded with, "no idea – I was just using the bio provided to me by the artist", but also offered to connect this person with the artist to discuss directly. This morning, I received a message back. "Oh, don’t stress about it – I just find it interesting the artist claimed to have credentials that are impossible to have." Again, said credentials were related to the artist’s non-art life. Now I’m perplexed. Part of me still wants to connect the artist with this person to discuss the question, but the other part feels like I would be facilitating a educator-on-educator fight. But this artist is new to the area too, so I feel like connecting the artist with this person wouldn’t be a bad idea as it could cut through some of the bullshit that could arise from this person spreading rumors and such. Regardless, I feel dragged into the middle of someone’s fuckery behavior. "Don’t stress about it"? Fuck that shit. How about go to the source instead of dragging me into it. I find this whole thing perplexing.

This week has been quite exhausting mentally. Monday, we had a huge "Come To Jesus" meeting with the CEO and our disruptive six employees which also included the CFO to whom IT reports. Ninety minutes later, I felt like everything we (the new management team) had been saying was also voiced to them by the CEO and the CFO – thereby releasing them from the obligations of the past. (Even the CEO was perplexed by this wording, but handled it well.) But the rest of the week has been seeing what they did or did not come away from the meeting having heard. Two of my three guys came away feeling like the CEO didn’t say what we heard him say. We heard with a different lens(?) if you will. Or at least that is their feeling. The others outside of my team had the same split. One person sort of resigned to the CEO’s comments and the new direction while the other two didn’t feel he said what we thought we heard him say. Helping people work through their issues is exhausting -mentally exhausting. And having one of those people on the leadership team is even more exhausting. What has been reassuring is knowing that other leaders outside of our department also have our backs – and keep telling us the changes we are making are great. Nice to hear.

I am playing around with the smart home technology. I got a deal on an echo from Amazon, so am in the process of playing with it. Right now, they are fun speakers. The kids are using them to listen to their favorite music and all. And I’m using them to ask about the weather and all. I’m looking forward to maybe incorporating them into a few of the lights people like to leave on so I can not wake up in the morning to lights being on and such. I have all data collecting off and will be exploring putting in place another data collector to trap any messages the devices are trying to send back to the mother ship. It’s been a while since I’ve played with technology like this – and I guess at the right price, I was willing to play a bit more. Funny how that works.


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