Friday Feelz


Hot – No, not in the “sexy” way, but in the “holy hell, where did this hot weather come from” sort of way.   I’m wondering at what point, we consider central air for the entire house.

Annoyed – I took a few days off because we are getting our fence rebuilt, and an adult needs to be around in case questions / issues arise.  About 6 times yesterday, my youngest asked why I took the day off – why wasn’t I working??  Didn’t I have work to do?  I’m like, “KID, I get to take days off to do nothing…..I really do. I don’t have to work all of the flipping time.”  Yes, it started annoying me – for a few reasons.  One because it’s annoying, and two because it is not appropriate for a kid trying to shame me into being at work more.

Happy – The fence between us and the neighbor’s property is almost done!! It has been in a bad state for years – but made even worse recently.  My “jack-of-all-trade” guys who do our yard has done an amazing job.  Well worth the money and the time.  What was funny? Today as the weather was just starting to cool, they commented they would be here early but not early enough to bug the people in the house.  I told them to screw the people in the house – come here and be safe and cool.  They appreciated it.  My kids upon telling them the concerns of our fence guys? “Tell them to wake us up!! We don’t care!! Be safe and cool before it gets too warm!!”  I raised them right!

Things I’m loving now?? Fuck.  I had something but forgot.  I now I have something I loved and rocked, but damn!! Can’t recall what it was.  Ugh!!

Though I will say how much I love my other partner – not secondary partner – SB.  Why?  He fought traffic and heat and other bullshit to come see me and have an evening with me.  And, well, I cannot ignore it or forget it.  I am grateful for him.

What do you think?

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