An Emotional Hangover


I feel like I have a hangover from life this week.

It started off crazy – a come-to-Jesus-meeting with the staff and the owner of the company.  A confrontation between my boss and a cohort during a meeting the next day.  Another confrontation between my boss and the same cohort the next day during another meeting.  A heated 1×1 confrontation between them again.  Then Friday, a couple hours after offering him feedback on what I think he should be doing, he is told they are firing him.  The old CIO is coming back in while they look for a replacement.

Friday night, I came home processing the day.  Everyone at work was looking to me for leadership.  And, as I am used to doing, I played the professional card.  Shit happens, we still have work to do, time will tell us where we need to adjust, and in the meantimes, we will hold the course.  My peers were split – one was looking for meaning in it all – the other was pissed.  Both wanted my ear.  Date night Friday was more of me processing the day I had not been able to process.  The entire two weeks has been filled with fuckery – but this past week was when we were crossing the bridge and pushing forward.  Instead, we got a shocking blow.

Friday night, we went and did the usual: date night at the local brew pub where everyone knows us.  A couple of beers and some food and I was wiped out.  I just wanted to go home and sleep.  Saturday morning, I was still feeling the emotional hangover.  Motivation was low.  I got a good energy boost later on when SB came over for soccer and dinner.  But even last night, my thoughts were keeping me awake.

Intermixed with the work stuff, G and I have been on the cusp of getting a new foster kid.  Well, new isn’t quite right.  The kid is the younger brother of the kid who lived with us.  The family that jumped in and took him right away is having some family issues, and fostering is not something they feel they are doing well right now.  We have said weeks ago that he can come live with us.  But, they are on the edge of whether or not they are going to keep doing it.  Not the greatest for the kid, and I can only help our eagerness to have him here is off-setting the other.  This morning, he was supposed to arrive, but I guess that is now for another day.

I spoke with my boss this mornings, and his head is still spinning from Friday.  The info was sparse – the action was swift.  He is curious how people are going to respond.  So far, and I can’t tell him this given it is info coming from G’s playmate who is in the know (that’s a whole different post),  so far people are responding quite negatively to the news.  G’s playmate and those at a gathering yesterday were up-in-arms over the news and upset that, in their opinion, the old CIO is going to take things backwards.  This entire thing is going to backfire on some level or another.

As for me, I have had at least 6 people, including my now former-boss, ask if I’m applying for the job.  My former boss told me this morning that in his succession plan, I was named CIO to replace him.  That’s got my head spinning too.

Not surprising that I feel emotionally hung over.

What do you think?

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