Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?


My day started yesterday at about 6:30am.  My body woke up at that time mainly because I had slept in a way that made me sore, so my body woke me up to tell me it was unhappy.  I got up, took some Advil, then went back to bed because I knew today or yesterday, rather, would be a long day.  I was up soon after as my to-do list for getting ready for the graduation party started playing in my head.

We got up – we got stuff ready – and the family got here starting about noon.  A number of people who were supposed to attend the party did not, but that was okay.  It was fun hanging out with my brothers and their families and my parents.

Then 4 pm hit, and the work fun began.

After about six months of trying to get the other departments to give us a 12-hour outage on one of the systems, they finally agreed to a time ….. in the middle of all of the graduation activities for my daughter.  And I am the puppet master for this change as it is coordinating 8 people in the different groups.

So when the work kicked off at 4 pm yesterday, during the party, I was sitting in the house at my computer making sure shit was happening as it should.  Then I would go hang out some more only to come back in and check-in again.  After everyone left, G and the kids went to a movie together.  I stayed home working.

I think I’ve slept maybe 2.5 hrs so far tonight.

Not sure when I’ll be actually sleeping.

But the sunrise this morning was pretty.   Definitely time for some coffee.

What do you think?

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