Random Thoughts


…..since my motivation, I mean, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

1. Last year, I told a story about being home alone with the dogs when I was awoken to a huge crash outside of my bedroom window. Both dogs slept through – not even reacting even a tiny bit – and I ended up searching outside only to find it was a huge possum that has made a very un-graceful entrance into the yard. Last night, the dog crawled out of bed and went to look out the window in our bedroom. Then she wanted outside. G let her out only to bring her back in scolding her. Apparently, a possum entered the yard (very quietly this time), she heard it and wanted to go outside to catch it. Sadly, G stopped her from doing more than grab it by the tail. Moral of the story? The dog only protects G from possums – not me. Or she decided she wanted a pet possum to love since the cats are mean to her.

2. I am so thankful that on Sunday I got my garden planted. The weather for a few days was sunny and nice. Now we are getting a nice amount of rain which is making the plants happy. I was worried I was a bit late this year, but seems like I wasn’t too late. And my raspberries, hops, blueberries, and artichokes are going nuts! Thank you mild winter!

3. 14 days until my oldest graduates. She is getting excited. I’m fluctuating between excitement and wondering where time has gone. And where is that button to slow things down? Time is moving too fast.

4. And graduation weekend will be odd. Why? I need to switch over the art on Sunday morning quickly before my family asks too many questions. I was going to try to stealthily take photos at the kink event so that my family doesn’t realize why I’m gone….but that may be pushing it.

5. I realized while looking at my project management software that my motivation may be lacking because I’ve put in way too many fucking hours this week at work. Hmm…

6. My instagram, facebook, and twitter feeds are all popping up a similar message this week – "self care is not selfish" and "do not apologize for taking care of yourself sometimes". It’s like the universe is reinforcing with me that I should not feel guilty or the need to apologize for taking time for myself last weekend. Yes, universe, I am listening.

7. I mis-hear the name of one superhero in one superhero movie and now forever get messages like this: "I saw this and immediately thought of you!" from my family. And for the record, I think there needs to be a superhero named The Pelican!

8. Apparently a comment I made to my boss on Monday has stuck in his head….like really stuck in his head. Let me explain a bit. This guy has a set of tools he has had great success in deploying elsewhere which he has tried to deploy here too. The challenge with his deployment here is that he keeps bumping his head on the people issues that are unique because of how the company views people with longevity. Once you cross the 5 year mark, you start being viewed as family – and we keep family happy. Change makes people struggle and risks the family, so he has had to do a lot of course correction along the way. What I showed and pointed out to him was that he is trying to put in new systems for working – then before letting the machine run enough to see what is wrong, he changes many parts then starts it again, doesn’t let it run enough to see if that change fixes things, then he changes things some more. This continually change is not allowing us to see if what we have changed actually impacts things. The act of me pointing out that you need to let the machine run a bit, then figure out if change is necessary, has stuck in his head. Like REALLY stuck in his head. To the point where he has quoted it back to me at least five times since Monday. Glad it resonated with him.

9. This cartoon summarizes a podcast I listened to yesterday, Armchair Expert. Dax Shepherd was interviewing his wife Kristen Bell. She has commented about how much suffering comes from people comparing their own lives with the carefully curated lives of people on Facebook and other social media platforms. It was quite a good discussion actually.

10. I started writing this post at 7:30 am. Guess I should finish it now.

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